Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How do I get the smell out of a new 100% Acrylic blanket?

I bought this Very large fuzzy blanket and I have washed it twice now and it just has this irritating smell (it%26#039;s NOT a dirty, or soiled smell). I looked at the label to make sure I was washing it correctly, but it%26#039;s still has a strange smell. Is there any kind of deodorizer or cleaning soap or solution for washing 100% acrylic fabric??Please help

How do I get the smell out of a new 100% Acrylic blanket?
That%26#039;s highly unusual. It could still be loaded with formaldahyde. Don%26#039;t use the blanket.

Can you tell me what brand the blanket is and where it was manufactured? I may be able to get you an accurate answer.
Reply:Thanks for your vote. Return that blanket! Report It

Reply:Wash it with vinegar. It will also make the blanket feel softer and it WON%26#039;t smell like vinegar when it is finished.
Reply:This time when you wash it, When you get to the rinse cycle add 2 cups of white vinegar, that should do it. Vinegar is an odor eater. The smell could be from the chemicals they use ,to keep it new looking.

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