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I own a LEATHER EXECUTIVE CHAIR which I bought BRAND NEW. Over the years it has developed a NASTY, STINKY ODOR probably from seating in it too long and farting...LOL.

PLEASE!!!! Does anyone know of a GOOD %26amp; HIGHLY EFFECTIVELY DEODORIZER I can use to GET RID OF THAT NASTY SMELL??? I have tried all kinds of products BUT so far NOTHING HAS WORKED. I would be very grateful for the help.

Try cleaning it with fabric softener and spraying the leather chair with febreze.
Reply:Try cleaning it with saddle soap. I had a cat, which was, I thought, house trained. However, she took delight in peeing on one of my leather chairs. This left a puddle. To my embarrassment, one evening a guest sat in the puddle! I had to provide her with a clean skirt and under pants. I cleaned the chair with saddle soap and sprayed it with a cat-deterrent spray. The cat wasn%26#039;t too happy, but she never peed on the chair again.

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How do I get the smoke odor out of my furniture?

I just got a love seat and sofa from someone who lived next dooor to a house that had a fire. The furniture still smells of the smoke from the fire but is overall nice furniture. What is the best way to get the smoke odor out?

Febreeze deodorizer failed - so any other ideas are welcomed.

Please don%26#039;t guess! I%26#039;m hoping to find someone who knows from experience! Thank you!

How do I get the smoke odor out of my furniture?
You should try Oust, my boyfriend uses that for his car and it works very well. You could also try setting it outside on a sunny day and let the fresh air help to air it out.
Reply:Nope - it will smell that way for 10+ yrs.

Had a house fire almost 2 yrs ago and I had to trash everything that has a porous surface.
Reply:Febreez but as a ex smoker nothing really works , you probably need to throw it away and get new furniture. smoke smell will always be there in your carpet, in the walls, your clothes and furniture and on your breath. Also as a REALTOR I would advise you if you cure this problem do not smoke in your house and do not allow smoking in the house, if you are renting you can lose your security deposit and a cure extra charges and if you own you will never sell your house with that smell in it.
Reply:look up smoke damage companies on google.....neighbors had a fire and the insurance company sent in some people to clean their stuff. I visited their place after they finished, it really worked great....couldn%26#039;t smell a thing
Reply:unless its leather you cant. just throw it away and save up and get a leather sofa
Reply:I had the same problem. A factory burnt down next door and I had extensive smoke damage. Had to hire professionals to take care of cleaning my entire house, everything in it and car after they melted all the chemical foam the firemen sprayed on it to make sure it didn%26#039;t go up with the factory. Luckily home insurance took care of all the costs.
Reply:Frebrreeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... doesnt work LOL but dog pee does but that just means your couch smells like dog pee but oh well!


Bad Smell In Car?

I got this nasty smell in my 1999 Dodge Intrepid, and i thought it was from bringing the dogs in the car. It was like a week after the dogs were in the car. So i put a deodorizer in the car, and the car didn%26#039;t smell anymore...until now, about 1 month later it came back, and i never had the dogs in the car... It is really a nasty smell, what is it, and what can i do about it. I don%26#039;t know what its coming from, but I know its not the dogs.

Bad Smell In Car?
Does it smell sweet? Maybe a heater core leak inside the car. Check to see if the passenger side carpet under the dash is wet.
Reply:Remove the body from the trunk.

sorry..I couldn%26#039;t resist. I really don%26#039;t know, maybe a good shampooing, a clean air filter and a deodorizer.
Reply:Let the engine get fully warm, and then turn the heater on from the dash vents. If the smell comes out strong, and is a sickly sweet type smell, it may be a heater core leak.
Reply:try a air conditioner evaporator deodorizer . mildew can grow on the evap core causing a foul Oder. just spay it into the fresh air duct when the ac is running.
Reply:Dodges stink but Fords stink more.

Use Fabreeze.
Reply:You can use an ozonator machine to eliminate interior smells but if it only smells when you put on the heat or AC then you will need to buy a can of AC deodorizer from any auto parts store. Follow instructions and ask for help as needed.

Also check for moisture between rug and metal of body if all else fails.

Or maybe your neighbor threw an old fish in there like in Grumpy Old Men.
Reply:Why don%26#039;t you try to put orange peel in your car ? I used before and it%26#039;s work too. You decide how smell strong to put how many ornage peels. After the smell gone then get some car perfume inside.
Reply:if it has a rotten egg smell it might be your battery overcharging check your alternator for the correct voltage Other smells could be coming from the,, catalytic converter ,, wet floor pads under the carpet from a leaky door seal or in the trunk (lift the carpet to check) also check under the dash passenger side for wet floor mats this could come from a leaky heater core Good luck
Reply:get a new car and a beter one on uncle henreys and make shure their isn%26#039;t a body in the trunk

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Is it dangerous for a cat to sleep on top of, or next to an electric water heater?

Our cat used to do this in our old apartment, and it was covered with clumps of kitty fur, so in our new one, I just moved the litter to a new carpeted closet. Problem: He has a problem knocking his water bowl over, the carpet in the closet had some dried kitty litter on it, I%26#039;m sorry but wet cat litter and carpet smell ... ick. Not great. The other day he overshot is litter box, I cleaned the urine up just fine. The wet cat litter smell persists.

So would it be dangerous to move him into the closet with the electric heater? I don%26#039;t believe the outside gets hot, I%26#039;m just worried that perhaps the cat hair would cause a problem.

Also ... I%26#039;ve used vinegar, baking soda, carpet shampoo and pet deodorizer ... any other tips on what the heck to do with that closet?

Is it dangerous for a cat to sleep on top of, or next to an electric water heater?
haha, actually i used to keep the litterbox in the closet with the waterheater at my old apartment.

perfectly fine. the cats ignore the waterheater completely. they didn%26#039;t mess with it and it didn%26#039;t mess with them.

As for the carpet... if the urine soaked through the carpet to the padding underneath there is really nothing you can do except to cut up and replace that bit of carpet in there. It%26#039;s that padding that you can%26#039;t get to with the cleaners to get rid of the smell.
Reply:first answer is good

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How to remove cigarette smell from a CD walkman?

Just acquired a used CD walkman, and it smells like cigarette smoke inside and out. How do I remove this smell?

I know about removing the smell from books (zip lock bag with carpet deodorizer or baking soda), etc. and I know one of the best solutions is to put it in the freezer.

However, I don%26#039;t want to ruin the device since it%26#039;s electronic - I%26#039;m afraid putting in the freezer isn%26#039;t a good idea, and sprinkling it with powder is even worse.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How to remove cigarette smell from a CD walkman?
You could wipe it down with rubbing alcohol
Reply:I think you should get an mp3 player. I know that%26#039;s not what you%26#039;ve asked for, but they are so much better and they aren%26#039;t very expensive anymore. . .

but if you still want to keep the CD player, I think the freezer thing would be fine.
Reply:clorox wipes wouldn%26#039;t be a bad idear or sparay it with lysol not directly though you can also clean it with vinegar that will take the smell away.

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The Avon lady?

An Avon lady was alone in an elevator when suddenly she had to fart. She promptly reached into her bag and sprayed the air with some an Avon Pine-Scented deodorizer. Two floors later, a gentleman got on the elevator. He began to sniff, and the Avon lady asked, %26quot;Do you smell something?%26quot;

%26quot;Well, yes I do,%26quot; he replied.

%26quot;What does it smell like?%26quot;

The bemused gentleman answered, %26quot;I%26#039;m not sure, but it kinda smells like someone pooped in a pine tree

The Avon lady?
We used to play this game when I was younger where we%26#039;d ring peoples doorbells and as we saw them approaching we%26#039;d shout %26quot;Avon calling%26quot; through the letterbox and run off.

Oh how childish I once was.

That joke is reasonably funny, but not hilarious.
Reply:I laughed out loud at this one. Pretty funny. I give it a 7.3. Thanks!
Reply:cute. well done.
Reply:hahahaha......that%26#039;s hilarious...hahaha
Reply:Funny! 10!
Reply:ha ha ha funny

thanks for a laugh



Reply:hahahahahha 50 gold stars for


Why does he pee?

When my four-month-old lab mix puppy sees either myself or one of my family members, he pees. Well, I suppose that %26quot;pee%26quot; is the wrong word... more he dribbles... alot... I mean, less than a pee puddle but more than just a few drops... but it%26#039;s not that he%26#039;s meaning to, because when he finally realizes that he dribbled, he runs to the door to be let outside so that he can releive himself. Following that, he is praised, but the fact that he dribbles all over the carpets an tiled floors is becoming a bit of a pain. We always clean it up after with paper towel and then spray deodorizer over top so I%26#039;m at a loss for what might be going on. Any suggestions?


Spazzy%26#039;s Mom :)

Why does he pee?
he is just excited. just dont run in the room all excited just be calm and wen he .........dribbles...... try to keep hem from getting excited
Reply:It is probably submissive peeing. My puppy does it too. When you first see you pup ignore it and let it out.
Reply:Submissive urination is common in pups that are very submissive to people and some also do it to dogs. Read the links for tips but obed training to build confidence helps and also low key greetings. When someone comes home they ignore the dog totally if even saying Hi Duke makes the pee flow. Take the dog out and then no excited greeting, kneel on the floor and calmly greet the dog. Any show of anger at the pee inside just makes the problem worse. One dog, a Cocker Spaniel, they are very prone to submissive urination all their lives, was so bad the owners had to kneel facing away from the dog to attach the leash. It finally grew out of it but does require patience and lots of paper towels..
Reply:It%26#039;s called excitable pee. And let me guess, when you walk through the door and see the puppy there is a big to-do over getting home. The puppy is excited, you all are hello puppy wuppy and the poor guy gets so excited he pees.

When you come home, simply say hi to the puppy and ignore him. Don%26#039;t bend over and give him lots of love. Say hi, let%26#039;s go, and immediately take him outside. Let him pee, bring him back inside, and greet him - but at a MUCH lower level than you have been. If you get excited, he gets excited, and when he gets excited he pees.

Lower the excitement level and you lower the liklihood of peeing. And if you continue allowing the peeing, it is not something that he will grow out of. Even older dogs have excitable pee. So if you keep this level of excitement, you are going to have bigger and bigger messes to clean up! And it will become harder and harder to %26quot;break%26quot;.
Reply:I had the same problem with my black lab pup. I toned down my greetings for a few months and made sure not to punish him for it, which would make it worse. Eventually it went away.

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